Sunday, 7 October 2007


Welcome to Online PR and I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you over the coming weeks. Many of you will be coming back from your placement having participated and/or experienced online PR programmes on behalf of clients. These experiences are going to be a great resource for us to draw on and share in the coming weeks.

The online environment which is in the vanguard of wider social changes is setting major challenges for the PR profession. It is a dynamic process with best practice still in embryonic form. This makes the programme particularly interesting and the analytical and practical skills you will explore and develop particularly relevant for your future career.

I will be using this blog to highlight emerging resources such as blogs, articles, podcasts etc. Also to highlight issues and stories which hopefully cast a spotlight on online PR practice and theory. As you will see from the module outline and from the first seminar, we are all going to keep a blog, some of you may already be running one. This is a key skill for a PR practitioner and this provides a real opportunity to develop a skill relevant for your future employment and for your portfolio.

Take a look at the Edelman site. Very strong for range of blogs (Speak Up) and also look at (Academic Summit).

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