Thursday, 22 November 2007

Apple follow-up on launch

Just to add in further links giving an idea of how the media rather turned on Apple over its UK launch. Certainly looks as though something of an agenda. Were Apple aware of what was going to hit them? Like the sub-head in the Register - an ironic; I'm a journalist let me through. Supported by coverage in one of the mobile online media showing pictures of all the Carphone Warehouse stores on the opening day hardly heaving with customers.

More significantly for Apple, the mobile phone operators such as Vodafone have made life difficult for them such as in Germany where the courts have forced Apple to open u the system to competing networks. This has now affected coverage in the USA. Certainly it highlights the relevance of the approach taken by the Channel 4 journalist even though Apple did not like it.

We are also now getting the mobile phone industry publications starting to come out with detailed analysis of the sales in the first week or so - and the sales do not appear to be that impressive particularly compared with hype. In PR terms it is worth noting that Apple will have no particular track record with the mobile phone industry media. If the mobile phone industry and media feels that Apple is arrogant towards it, then potentially a difficult road ahead, until consumers really say this is the must have item. Currently that does not appear to be the case in Europe.

Final comment on this little saga. The original Channel 4 piece outtakes on YouTube has now been watched the same number of times as Steve Jobs' piece at MacWorld announcing iPhone.
Take a chance to look at Steve Jobs - he is a master showman!

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