Saturday, 1 March 2008

Citizen journalism

Steve Rubel provides a good link to Wall Street Journal and an article on Citizen Journalism or Citizen Paparazzi. An increasing number of pictures being used by the magazines and online media are coming from mobile phone snappers, not professional paparazzi. Apparently the paparazzi are finding that their designated spots at major celebrity events are being invaded by citizen paparazzi. The laws of supply and demand are having an effect on prices as well, apparently they are now coming down from the extraordinary prices which used to be achieved, as was highlighted in the inquest on Princess Diana.

Although hardly a great endorsement of the potential power of online media to enrich the public spere (Habermas); it does highlight this growing trend for collaboration between media and readers; of which the Financial Times social network is an interesting experiment. Do we think it will succeed as it is charging a £2000 fee to join?

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